Sunday, November 25, 2007

CSLA Sunday

Sunday's schedule started with the last two concurrent sessions. At 8 in the morning I was in "Creating a Library Website to Teach Information Literacy." This was a different way of using a library website. The presenter advocated linking to other sites which already had good uup-to-date link lists on topics of interest to our students. Her library website is located at

The last session I attended was "Building Bridges between Picture Books and High School Curriculum." The presenters had many ideas for using picture books to introduce subjects studied in high school. I have a hand-out with some of the titles they suggested.

The conference ended with one of my favorite parts of the conference--the author/illustrator brunch. The line for it was already long when I got out of my last session. Everyone wants to get a good seat, but you don't really know what the best seat will turn out to be. The tables are numbered and the numbers are randomly drawn to determine which author or illustrator will be seated at your table. Our table got Mike Thaler. You, like I, might not recognize the name, but you have probably all encountered one of his books. He wrote a whole series that began with The Teacher from the Black Lagoon. The speakers for the luncheon were Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole. They have worked together as author and illustrator on several books. Their stories about how they came to create books were amusing. They ended their presentation by having Mr. Cole draw a picture while Ms Edwards read their new children's book, The Old House. Look for the picture when you view the PowerPoint in class. Finally, the day and the conference were at an end. As a parting gift, we each got to choose a free book for our library. I'd show it to you, but someone has already checked it out.

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Rob said...

Great reading your thoughts about the conference. It was great connecting with so many of the SLL2.0 group and sharing stories about the experience. It is good to see blog posts about the conference so we can all remember and reflect!