Saturday, November 17, 2007

CSLA 2007-Ontario, CA

It's been a busy and productive 2 days so far. Thursday afternoon I attended 2 workshops. The first, on Collaborating with classroom teachers, covered research and practical ideas for creating better assignments for students. The second was about creating an effective library websites. Both of them were full of good ideas that I can put to use when I get back to school. I hope my library science students will get involved in the (currently non-existent) library webpages. The evening was devoted to the opening of the exhibit hall. A corporate sponsor provided food and live music as we browsed the various exhibts. To get an idea of the variety of the exhibits ask to see the PowerPoint presentation when I get back to school. Many of the exhibitors gave out candy to encourage you to slow down and hear their presentations. Many of the vendors also asked for contact information in the form of raffle entries. (More about that next time.)

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