Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19 LibraryThing revisited

Having already set up a LibraryThing account for Thing 11, I went back to catalog some more of the books laying on my end table. I wish it were as quick and easy to add titles to my OPAC at school. Also, after some of the other apps that use tagging, I could appreciate that it allowed multiword tags. A nice improvement would be if the auto complete feature recognized commas as signaling a new tag and showed its suggestions for each tag you began typing like it does in labels on Blogspot.
This time around, I checked out some of the “unsuggestions”. I was amused to see that about 10% of the books on the list generated for one of the books in my collection were ones that I had read and enjoyed (granted some were years ago) and still have in my house. Apparently people who knit aren’t supposed to like science fiction (among other things).

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