Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 3, Thing 5

Flickr looks like it could be very useful. In addition to LMT, I have the title yearbook advisor. Looking at recent posts will be good way to encourage my yearbook staff to up the quality of the pictures they are taking. Touring the site took a looong time, because there was so much to see and read. I thought the community guidelines are a nice informal statement of netiquette rules that will be a good complement to our formal language AUP. Sometimes getting those pesky copyright rules has more credibility coming from someone other than us.
After hours of just looking, I uploaded a couple of library pictures that were sitting on my home computer. This one is a picture of a library display created by one of my library science students. Each month we have new displays and bulletin boards. The student responsible has to write a reflection on her creative process and include a picture. Since we are currently discouraged from keeping pictures on our server, ths assignment could easily migrate to Flickr.

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rob said...

Great idea about using Flickr for a Women's History book display! Gives many of us lots of ideas. Looking forward to reading your future blog posts!
Rob @