Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week 2, Thing 3

I feel like I have joined the 21st century. The basic set up was not difficult at all, thanks to the hints we were given and the help of my twenty-somethings still living at home. What took the most time (and was the most fun) was creating the avatar. I admit to having looked at every option, before making my selections. (I was disappointed not to find the "read" t-shirt.) Having made my selection, I had to play around some more to lengthen the skirt and tuck in the shirt tails so that it better fit my style. It will have to do until I have time to get really creative.

I admit to having misgivings about the whole notion of blogging. It seems that a lot of time and energy goes into publishing (and reading) thoughts that often aren't particularly useful or even interesting. Learning how to weed (both what I write and what I read and connect to) will be an important part of the learning experience.

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