Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week 4, Thing 8

Finally I understand how my son set up his personal list of web comics. This has been an interesting, but sometimes frustrating exercise. Setting up the list and adding feeds was relatively easy. Looking for the feeds I wanted to add was time consuming, because I lose all track of time when browsing the web (a good reason for setting up the Bloglines) I did find it frustrating that the link to The San Jose Mercury News Feeds didn’t go to the news at all, but went to a list of blogs for people taking the 2.0 class. A search of my old home town paper, The Madera Tribune, lead to the discovery that multi-talented LMT Sharon Stockdale writes a column for the paper.
Looking to complete the exercise, I wanted to provide the URL address to my public bloglines account. There was no share button, only Forums and Search, but I must have done something right, because this is my public blogroll.
This technology seems like it could be useful for setting up a simple, local (and free) form of learning community by along the lines of what we LMTs are doing this summer. It could be useful for any class, but I can see quick applications for it making my library science classes more interactive by promoting sharing among the 12-15 students spread over 4-5 periods.

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Well done! Nice public blogroll. That is how I keep track of all new posts to the School Library Learning 2.0 blogs. It saves tons of time. Someday in the future, you could keep track of all your teachers' blogs on a bloglines.

Best wishes.
- JackieS
CSLA 2.0 Team project manager